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BIBENE 2.4Ghz WiFi Home Security

Bibene Home Security.jpg
  • Difference between Wp7 & Wp6: 1) Wp7 use upgraded Chip to run, reflected in its louder reminder and stable Wi-Fi connection, keep your device online 24/7. 2) Wp7 app was built based on the Wp6 users’ requirements, customer can active delay arm function on app not remote and no more delay notification. 3) Wp7 uses our own network server while no other customers can grab your network, our engineers can figure out the system's problems more quickly.

  • MULTI-PURPOSE SYSTEM: The most cost-effective professional wireless security home alarm system kit ever! The built-in magnetic contact sensor and PIR motion sensor detect any forceful break-in then activate the alarm (0-120db) to deter potential intruders. The chime prompt, SOS emergency function is perfect for home/business/office/child/disabled safety protection. (PLEASE NOTE: PIR detector works 8m, 110-degree field of view coverage day and night, NOT pet immunity type. )

  • Easy-operation app: Wp7 app is extremely easy-install, easy-operation which allows you to control the whole security system anywhere with your iOS/android smartphone or tablet, and receive Warning notifications of the exact area when alarm triggered for you to quickly track and make better-informed decisions. Moreover, the app has many humanization functions such as arming delay, clock, timing arming. Etc. (App Name: Wp7)

  • BEST KIT SOLUTION: WP7 home Alarm system kit includes 1*PIR Main Panel, 1*wireless PIR motion detector, 5*Door sensors, 2*Remote control, 1*AC adaptor, 1*user manual, and all backup battery and included mounting mount and adhesive tape. All sensors remote control is connected with main panel already, each sensor is with label number for your quick distinguishing just to save your time. NO install fee or monthly monitoring fee.

  • FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: 1) Sensor 8 is for Emergency use, the sensor in this section will alarm even under disarm status. 2) Please use DC to power the host, batteries ONLY for EMERGENCY. 3) ONLY works for 2. 4GHZ WIFI, NOT compatible with 5GHZ. 4) Change router may lead to connection and notification failure. 5) A low battery of the sensor will not send the notification to your phone. 6) Search WP6 on YouTube for installation help. 7) Alexa Skill Name: White Penguin

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