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Blossom 7 Smart Sprinkler Controller

Blossom 7 Smart Controller.jpg

Simplify your life with the power of Smart Watering. Blossom self- programs based on real-time weather data. Monitor your yard’s watering schedule from anywhere with a smartphone or tablet.

Blossom gathers current local weather and accurate forecasts from multiple weather services to generate a perfectly optimized watering plan for your yard.

  • Uses up-to-the minute satellite based weather data so sprinklers water Only when they need to

  • Helps to prevent over-watering

  • Covers 7 zones. The connector for the pump start relay (PSR) can alternatively be set to support an eighth Zone.

  • Create a watering schedule for your sprinkler system from anywhere by using a smartphone or tablet

  • Installs in as little as 15 minutes

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