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Google Nest Hub

Google Hub Assistance.jpg

Get a new digital helper with this interactive Google Nest Hub device.


Its 7-inch touch-screen display lets you view today's reminders, stream videos and watch your smart security camera's footage through Google Assistant.


The built-in speakers and microphones of this Google Nest Hub device have far-field voice recognition for convenient hands-free control.

  • Voice-control thousands of compatible devices, from lights and cameras to TVs and more, all from a single dashboard.

  • One view for all your devices. See and control your devices in a single view. No More switching between apps.

  • Works with devices you love! Google Home Hub is compatible with more than 5,000 smart devices from over 400 brands.

  • Keep an eye on your front door with Nest. See who is at your front door with Nest Hello Video Door Bell or check in on the kids Nest Cam…just by speaking.

  • Keep your home comfortable with Nest Smart Thermostat. See and control your nest thermostat right from your Google Home Hub.

  • More smart home devices are constantly being added.

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