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Alexa Now Available For Your PC

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

You have fallen in love with her, you have counted on her to keep your house and life flow easier, now you can have the same experience on your PC.

People still spend a lot of time on their personal computer, I know I do, so it only makes sense to have Alexa on my personal computer.

With Alexa on your personal computer you will be able to control your smart home devices with your voice. Turn on the lamp, set your thermostat to a more comfortable temperature, listen to your favorite podcast and create a personal lineup of news or sporting events, just like from your smart phone.

Alexa will make your PC experience better. Let Alexa help you set reminder timers and alarms, create shopping and to do lists, and keep track of your calendar and appointments. Create a personalized lineup of news and sports form your favorite sources, or check the weather before you plan your day.

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