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Create a smart home for under $250 this weekend with special Labor Day weekend sales

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

If you have been holding out or just don’t know where to start with setting up your smart home. With the Labor Day weekend upon us, there are great deals that will help get you up and running for under 250 bucks.

You can obviously control these devices through your smart phone, but I am recommending getting a smart hub. A hub could be something from Amazon, Google or Apple. Although most smart home devices can be controlled from your phone, starting out with a hub will give you the voice control from inside your home.

With that being said you will have Alexa from Amazon, Google Assistance from Google and Siri from Apple.

Where To Start

Question always starts with, what should I do first. That is a good question and it will come down to what you are wanting to do. Are you looking for security, wanting to control lights in your home, or maybe just want to save some money with a smart thermostat? What ever it may be, its easier and more economic than you may think.

You can start here with an Echo Dot which will have your voice commands covered. Echo dot being powered by Alexa, you can do more than just control your smart home devices. We constantly discovering trivia games to play, ask about the weather and anything that is going on in the news.

With the Echo Dot you can add the Ring Doorbell. This doorbell can be hardwired to your current doorbell system and works in conjunction with its own doorbell chime. Ring Doorbell will also work has a security camera. This will allow you to view live, plus it’s set up for motion detection with night vision.

Now simply add a smart lock to the equation. With an August Smart Lock, you can lock your front door from anywhere, give someone access to your home with a special code while keeping an eye on them when they enter and exit with the Ring Doorbell.

With these three devices you will be approximately $230 with this weekend Labor Day Sale.

Save Money

If you are wanting to have more control over your utility bills, you could start with a thermostat and a smart switch.

Honeywell thermostat, model TH9320WF5003, is a color touch screen and controlled through WiFi. Honeywell offers an app for your phone and also can be controlled by the popular voice assistance companies.

Using a simple smart switch, you can control a gas fire place or a fixture mounted fan. With the WeMo switch, you can control the switch through Alexa or Google, set a schedule to turn on or off and/or control it from your phone.

Using Google Mini speaker, this will give you control over your thermostat and switch or switches through voice control. With Google mini you will be able to add future smart devices and you can ask google anything.

Total price for these items, just $207

Set The Mood

How about just setting the mood for a relaxing night at home? With smart lighting you can do so through millions of different colors, yes millions.

For instance, the HUE Smart LED bulbs you can personalize your color and each color is dimmable to really give you that visual effect that you are after.

Light strips are becoming more and more popular. There are hundreds of places you can put this strips, under sofas, under beds, under cabinets and more. Add these to music and really give a wow factor.

Phillips hue came out with light bars that project ambiance lighting that really gives a whole new experience when you mount them behind you TV and project the light against your wall. A Hub is required, but is still very affordable.

Total price including Hub $189

Other Smart Devices

Maybe none of this gets you excited but you can automate your sprinklers with the Orbit 57950 or have more control over your garage door that will let you know if you left it open or you can open it from your phone with the Chamberlain MYQ-G0301. Both are priced under $100.

For a limited time, you can get the Honeywell T9 Smart Thermostat, Smart room sensor and Echo Dot for $179....$71 savings! Learn more.

There is so much you can do to automate your home; I hope we got you thinking of the possibilities that is available to you and can be very affordable.

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