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Echo Show

Echo Show 2nd Gen with its 10.1 Inch HD screen and quality speakers will deliver an awesome experience. Alexa and Echo Show is a great addition to the home in which you can make video calls, look up recipes, watch live television and control your smart home devices with a built-in hub.

With its big screen, making hands free video calls to family and friends with the help of Skype makes it fun to stay in touch. If you don’t want to make a video call then shoot a quick voice text to someone or simply ask Alexa to make a call to the person you want to speak to. You can instantly connect to your other devices in your home to make announcements or just to say Hi.

Echo show is a great hand in the kitchen. You can have Alexa show you recipes to where you can follow along step-by-step to insure you are following the recipe and set timers. Create a shopping list with your voice and with the Alexa app, you will have the list with you when you go to the grocery store where you can check off the item has you go.

Using your prime video, you are able to watch top rated shows and sports. Ask Alexa to play a popular podcast. You can see lyrics with Amazon music or stream your music from Pandora, Apple Music and listen to your favorite local radio stations. You can even listen to audiobooks. Echo Show is big enough that you can see the screen across the room and it can even hear you while music is playing.

100,000 Skills And Growing

With over 100,000 skills and counting, Alexa is always learning. You can create your own personal skills, create custom responses and even create games with Alexa Skill Blueprints. Or play the many games and quizzes that are already available. Trivia games have become popular in our home with sports trivia, music trivia and games like, “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader”.

“Alexa, open Ultimate History Quiz.”

Alexa will help you stay organized by syncing your popular calendars, like google calendar. Echo show will display your schedule through out the day to may sure you stay on task. Stay in touch with what the weather is doing and what the current temperature is. Ask mathematical questions and distance questions for example, how far is it from Salt Lake City to Phonex Arizona. The sky’s the limit.

“Alexa, am I free after 4:00 p.m. today?”

Built-In Smart Home Hub

With the built-in Smart Home Hub, you will be able to control thousands of smart home devices like smart doorbells, security cameras, lighting, switches and more. Just say, Alexa show me the front door and/or Alexa turn on outside porch light.

Now Alexa Has Show And Tell

This will allow Alexa to use the camera on the device to where you can hold up common items like pantry items, food jars and other things and Alexa will identify the item. This especially useful for the blind or someone who has poor eyesight. Just hold up the item in front of your Echo Show Camera and say, “Alexa, what am I holding.” Alexa will tell you what you are holding with a brief description of the item. We expect more to come with this exciting skill.

This is just a brief run down on what the Echo Show and Alexa can for you and the amount of fun and entertainment that comes with it.

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