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Echo Show 5

Echo show 5 with its 5.5” screen is a know-it-all. This sleek looking device can be added to any room that brings the power of Alexa. The compact design giving a fantastic visual, with quality sound and a built-in speaker.

Looks Great On The Nightstand

Put it on your night stand and it’s just became your best alarm clock and you are able to choose from several clock faces. Say, "Alexa set my alarm for 5:30 a.m." What’s cool is Echo show 5 will use an ambient sunrise lighting method about 15 minutes prior to the alarm going off to you give you a slow waking.

Alexa play me ocean sound, or any sound that you may like to help you drift of to sleep. You can have the Echo Show 5 play your favorite sleep sounds for how ever long you like, before it turns itself off. Don’t worry about the device being too bright for the night stand when you are going to sleep because the Echo device will sense light and dim itself down to a very manageable brightness, just enough so you can see the time.

Set up your skills and have her recite affirmation before drifting off to sleep, a proven for success!

Your Personal Assistant

Have Alexa go over your daily routine while you get ready for work. She can tell you what the weather is, how the commute to work is, what the daily news is and tell you what’s on your calendar schedule. Your very own personal assistant. You can program the Echo Show 5 and Alexa to your liking on what you want you choose to hear. Myself, I go for the “feel good” news.

Alexa has over 100,000 skills and continues to build.


Use the Echo Show 5 in a room that you entertain in and ask Alexa to play your favorite band or ask her to turn on your favorite radio station so you can listen to live. If you have Amazon Prime you can have the device play your favorite artist or a play list that you created.

Have a family night with Alexa or simply play a game with your guest. Through Alexa skills, you can create your own trivia game or play from the 100s that are already available. Games like Jeopardy, sports trivia, music trivia, etc.

Manage Your Smart Home

Manage compatible smart home devices with the interactive display or use your voice. Control devices like video doorbells, view security cameras, turn on and off lights. With the video camera, just say, Alexa show me the front door.

Say Alexa turn temperature down 3 degrees….It’s that simply with conjunction of a smart thermostat.

With approved contacts you can set up video calling, texting or voice calling through your Echo show 5. With the Alexa app on your phone, you can make an announcement that will broad cast across all Echo devices, I’m on my way home.

Kids Friendly

Put Echo Show 5 in your kid’s room and enabling Amazon freetime in the Alexa app, you can automatically filter explicit content, set bedtime limits and review activity. For a small fee, the freetime unlimited subscription, your kids can access over 1,000 audible books, that are suitable for kids, kid-friendly movies on prime video, premium kids’ skill from brands like Disney and Nickelodeon. Very Kid-Friendly.

I think you are getting the picture here. I can go on and on with the possibilities with Alexa and the Echo Show 5.

Check out Echo Show 2nd generation and Echo Show 8.

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