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Echo Show Is Getting Smarter

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Echo show and Alexa has your back and is here to assist you in your daily routine. Of course, the echo show can do the basics like tell you the news and the weather, control other smart devices in your home like your light, smart TV, your smart doorbell just to name a few. But what is really happening with Alexa and Echo Show is Amazon came out with Alexa Skill Blueprint. This is what evolving Alexa's intelligent which have jump up to over 80,000 skills and growing.

With Skill Blueprint you are able to customize your Alexa responses with personalized skills. There are over 40 templates available that are easy to use and just fill in the blank to help start building Alexa’s new skills.

Use Alexa to set daily routine through out your household by assigning daily and weekly chores to kids and other family members. “Alexa what are Julie’s chores she needs to do today?”

One of my favorite skills is the inspirations template. I programmed positive quotes from thought leaders and personal development gurus. “Alexa tell me my inspirations”.

You are able to design your own trivia games on any topic that you want. Trivia games can be multiple choices, about family history, about certain family members and so on. Or you can choose from games that Alexa already knows.

Another awesome skill is the compliments template. You are able to teach Alexa to give out complements to your loved ones. How great would it feel to ask Alexa who is the greatest person on earth and her say the person’s name who you feel should be recognized for this.

Skill Blueprint is just starting to touch the surface on what Alexa and Amazon’s Echo family can bring into your home.

The all new Echo Show has a whole new look, with eye popping 10.1-inch HD screen, built in smart home hub and awesome sound quality from its speakers. You are able to send voice calls, send text messages and connect to other devices in your home.

Home intelligence movement is happening and changing our everyday life and routines.

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