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Google Nest Home Max

Meet the big brother of the Nest Home family, Nest Home Max.

With sharp 10-inch screen, crisp sound quality and the smarts and know-how of Google Assistance, you have your own virtual helper. Now with a camera and mic makes video calling a breeze using Google Duo.

Camera and Mic

The camera is designed to follow you around the room up to 127 degrees to keep you in view when on a video call. The mic and camera have a kill switch that will disable, so you don’t have to be concern with someone popping in on you.

The nest built in camera brings an added security to your home when you are not there. From the phone app, you can check in on the room where the Nest Home Max is and make sure everything is looking good. If you have pets, this is a great way to check up on them to make sure they are behaving themselves.

Photos and Videos

With your google photos, you can use the google Nest Home Max as a digital photo frame, showing off your favorite photos and displaying your family members, recent travel adventures and more. The quality resolution of the pictures on this device will make you think you are actually looking at a framed picture.

Playing videos and music are satisfying with the large screen that can be seen across the room and quality sound the speakers put out can be heard while in other rooms. If you are in front of Google Nest Home Max while playing a movie or video you can simply raise your hand to pause and raise again to presume playing.

Use the Max to help control your smart home

The google max works has a hub to most of your smart home devices eliminating the need of several apps and hubs. Through google assistance you are able to turn off you lights, control your smart thermostat, see who is at your front door through a smart video doorbell all by voice commands.

Give a command to google that you are living and the Google Assistance with arm your alarm, lock your door, and even cycle your lights on and off to stimulate has if someone is at home. With the touch screen you can scroll through your smart home devices and turn off lights or see security cameras views if voice command isn’t your thing.

Facial Recognition

Nest Home Max has facial recognition with conjunction of voice match, this helps to identify the person that is using google max and access to personal info of that person. This gives the user a more personal experience and give direct access to their personal data like calendar events, to-do lists and personal photos.

Google Nest Home Max is a great device to have in your home and one of the better ones available. Echo Show 2 Gen is another awesome voice assistance device to consider.

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