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Happy Birthday Alexa!

“Alexa, how old are you?”

“I am 5 years old in man’s time”

Yes, it’s Alexa’s Birthday and she just turned 5 and how mature she has turned out. Here skills just keep building and building.

One important skill she has learned is called Alexa Guard. This is where Alexa will help listen for certain specific sounds like smoke alarms going off, carbon monoxide alarm detector sound, high pitched squeal of a security alarm or even glass breaking, all while you are away.

All you have to do is say, “Alexa, I’m leaving” and she will activate Guard. Alexa will send notification to your smart phone when it hears something suspiciously closer to any of those sounds. She can even integrate to your security system from Ring or ADT and notifications straight to the dispatchers monitoring your home.

To celebrate her Birthdays, Amazon has some great deals going on.

You can pick up Echo Dots for $18.99. These speakers sound good and you can place them all around home.

My favorite is the Echo Show 2nd Gen. This device normally sells for $229.99, but to help celebrate Alexa’s birthday, you can pick this up for $149.99.

Echo Show 8 sells for $129.99 but you can pick it up for $64.99.

Echo Show 5 is great for in the bedroom to act as your alarm clock, but way more advance than your typical clock. Echo Show 5 is at a low price of $44.99.

Time is now to take advantage of some Alexa devices and save some serious money.

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