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Meet Ring Video Doorbells Lineup

Ring-Ring, I see you. Ring doorbells replaces your peephole and adds security protection that allows you to see who is at your front door, even when you are not at home.

You can answer your door from anywhere, right from your smart phone with Ring Wi-Fi video doorbell. Someone doesn’t have to actually ring the doorbell to know they are there, with its motion detection the device will alert you when activity is at the front door.

With the 720p HD or 1080p HD you are able to watch in a wide-range live view or from a saved video. Two-way talk allows you to have a conversation with the person without opening the door.

Neighborhood Watch App

What I really like about the Ring video doorbells is the neighborhood watch app. You can receive real time crime alerts from your neighbors and even local law enforcement. You will know what crimes are going on in your neighborhood. Neighbors will share their video of suspicious activities that is going on outside their home, alerting you to be on the lookout.

Use your voice assistance friends to interact with your Ring Doorbell. You can say things like:

  • Alexa, show me the front door

  • Google, make a call to the front door

  • Siri, speak to the front door


All of the devices will send notifications to your phone, table and PC when the doorbell is pressed or any motion is triggered. All models can be hard wired to your existing doorbell wires in which will activate your current bell chime. If wires don’t exist, the devices will rely on the wi-fi, and you can purchase a separate doorbell chime.

There are a few models to choose from and here is the difference to help you pick the best one for you.

Ring Video Doorbell

This doorbell is their least expensive one with a 720P HD video with an internal rechargeable battery. The battery charge last for a very long time and the current charge status can be monitored from your phone. The doorbell can easily be removed from it’s mounting bracket and connected to a USB port to be recharged.

Ring Video Doorbell 2

Ring Doorbell 2 comes with a 1080p HD, rechargeable battery and adjustable motion detector like all models. Ring Doorbell 2 runs a little more, but is worth having the higher revolution camera.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Ring Doorbell Pro you will not have to remove to charge once you have it connected to your existing doorbell wires. The slim design that features 1080p HD video and adjust your own motion zones.

Ring Video Doorbell Elite

Elite model is their best model and most expensive. Ideally this is used best with newer homes or homes with updated wiring because it uses power over ethernet and gets its internet connection this way. Elite has a sleek design and flush mount.

Ring Door View Cam

View Cam is great for apartments that replaces the peephole instead of mounting on the side of the door it mounts directly to the door through the peephole. It also has 1080p HD video, knock detection and customization privacy settings.

With this complete lineup of Ring Video Doorbells, it has a fit for any life style and budget.

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