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Nest Thermostat On Top Of Their Game

Could Nest Learning Thermostats be one of the best smart thermostats on the market? Let’s take a closer look at what this smart thermostat has to offer.

What makes the Nest Learning thermostats so popular is it learns your behaviors. What this means is you teach the thermostat when you leave, when you go to bed at night and when you wake in the morning. All you have to do is turn it up and down for the first few days and the Nest Thermostat will get to know the temperatures you like and when you like them. From this, it will program itself and create a schedule for you.

Another feature that makes this such a smart thermostat is it will even learn from your home and figures out how it heats or cools, because no two homes are exactly the same.

Note: In 2017, the Nest Thermostat became the first thermostat to get Energy Star certified by the EPA.

Nest feels programming your smart thermostat to a schedule, just doesn’t work. So, Nest found a much better way and a new way….it learns from you. You become the teacher.

There are some key functions that the Nest Thermostat operates from, they are Nest Away, Nest Auto Scheduling, The Nest Leaf and Energy History.

Nest Auto Away

Nest Home Away assist can identify when someone is home by either using Nest Product’s sensors or using your own Wi-Fi cellular location data. Nest Auto Away can save money by turning down heating or cooling system when you need to run out unexpectedly.

If this is not a feature you want, it can easily be disabled.

Nest Auto Scheduling

With auto scheduling, your smart thermostat will learn your scheduling even when you run this in the heat or cold mode. The thermostat learns this by you teaching the device to when you go to bed at night by adjusting the temperature to your desire sleeping comfort.

When you wake in the morning you will adjust once again to the preferred temperature. But don’t stop teaching your Nest there, adjust the temperature when you leave to go to work and when you come home. After a few days of this nest will create a schedule a will auto adjust for you.

The Nest Leaf

The Eco-Friendly leaf, will appear at different temperatures help you be conscious of energy savings opportunities. Change the temperature to save energy and you will be awarded a leaf. This can be as simply as turning the temperature down by one degree.

Energy History

With the energy history report, this will inform you of how much energy you use every day and how much energy you saved.

Note: Average annual savings $131 to $145.

With this monthly report you will see how much energy you use during the weekdays, weekends and any day of the week for that matter. You can use this report to adjust you habits and behaviors.

Nest Temperature Sensors

You can really fine tune your Nest Thermostat with their temperature sensors. You can place a sensor in your most important room and let Nest know how you are prioritizing this room to be the most comfortable for you.

The Right Temperature, Right Where You Want It.
Nest Sensor

You can place the sensor on the wall, counter, shelf or anywhere it’s most convenient. They call it “the right temperature, right where you want it”.


Check with your local energy company, because most of them offer a rebate when you purchase a Nest Smart Thermostat. Our local gas company and power company, both offer a $50 rebate…each. Just go to your energy company website and search “Nest Thermostat Rebate” or "Appliances Rebate". Here are what our local companies rebates look like. Dominion Energy Rebate and Rocky Mountain Power.

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