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New Echo Addition-Show 8

New addition to Amazon Echo family, the Echo show 8. This Echo Show comes with an 8” HD screen with 1280 X 800p and 2 speakers giving you quality in sound and picture.

Make a hands-free video call to smart phone who have the Alexa app installed or to other Echo Show products with a screen. Video calling has become very popular and with Echo Show 8 in your home, will make it that much easier for you.


Announcements can be made by sending messages to every room that have supported echo devices. This works great for a large home when family members are scattered throughout. Also, with the app and a smart phone you are able to make announcements like, “I am leaving work and be home shortly”.

Use Alexa For Business

Why not use it in your small business? Echo Show devices can work has a two-way intercom between rooms and with the knowledge of Alexa, you can have help with business matters, like basic math questions, order more supplies, show your calendar schedule for the day or remind you 5 minutes before the meeting starts. Your own personal assistant.

Alexa Guard

Now with Alexa Guard you are able to set this mode up through the Alexa app and say “Alexa, I’m leaving. The device will be put in the Away Mode and via phone notifications, Echo devices will detect the sound of smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms and even glass breaking. Using the “Drop In” you can remotely investigate on what’s going on in the home and with other compatible smart lights or switches lights can be turned on or off to make it look like you are home. See more details at Amazon Alexa Guard.


Privacy is always a concern and Amazon recognizes this with multiple layers of protection to where you have control over microphone and camera. See more details at Amazon Alexa Privacy.

Let the Echo Show 8 make your life easier by setting timers, create calendar events, add items to shopping lists or to-do lists, and reminders. Check weather, traffic, movie trailers, movie showtimes and on and on.

Check out other Echo devices to learn what capability Alexa can do for you, Echo Show 2nd Gen or Echo Show 5.

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