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Peteme Smart Light Bulbs

Add some color to your life with these smart LED bulbs from Peteme.

16 Million Colors

You can create your favorite lighting effects with 16 million colors! You are able to set different light modes to your various occasions, set up lighting schedule to turn off or on through the Smart Life App and the best part is, you need no hub to operate this smart bulb.

Schedule your choice of lights to turn on in the morning prior to wakening so your area is nice and lit up or schedule to turn off at certain times at night. I use the schedule to turn on and off different lights at different times when I’m on vacation which stimulates someone being at home. Lights can be turned on prior to coming home at night so you are not entering into a dark environment.

Light Scenes

Set the mood with different light scenes. This will allow you to have the color and brightness automatically set for reading, parties, watching a moving or cooking in the kitchen. Creating your favorite lighting is capable with the RGB cool light and warm white smart bulb.

Peteme smart bulb works with Alexa, Google Assistance, IFTTT and Siri.

“Alexa, dim living room lights to 50%.”

“Hey Google, set bedroom lights to 100%. “

Smart Life App

With Smart Life App the bulb or bulbs can be controlled individually or by group. If you have a fixture that holds 4 light bulbs, you have the ability to group these bulbs together and control all four at the same time or if you so desire, control each individual giving each its own color and personality.

Saves Energy

These bulbs being LED saves money and has longevity, manufacture claims up to 80% savings on energy and 27,000 working hours.

They are easy to install and easy to program through the app. Been extremely pleased with these Peteme smart bulbs and highly recommend them.

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