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SimpliSafe Home Security System

SimpliSafe home security system is practical and easy to install yourself. The system is wireless and can be completely setup under an hour. Popular Sets are SimpliSafe 8 piece and SimpliSafe 12 piece.

There are several kits available that will meet home’s budget and the nice thing is you can add components has you go. You can start out with the most basic kit and add to them from there.

SimpliSafe just added a high-def wireless security camera that will allow you to keep watch over your home. Stream live footage from your camera straight to your smartphone. Use the Camera to investigate why the system alarm went off or just check in on the homestead.

SimpliSafe doesn’t have any long-term contracts and you can cancel at any time. The system will still monitor your home with or without SimpliSafe staff and continue to notify you by siren and smartphone when you have an intruder.

Motion Detectors

Motion detectors are designed to cover an entire room and sense intruders not the family pet. They can be set to just send an alert and not sound the alarm when motion is detected.

Entry sensors are small and inconspicuous. Easy to install with self-sticky adhesive or they can be mounted with screws to add a more solid hold. They come ready to go and can even detect glass breakage. Sensors rarely need charging and can last up to a decade before they do need a charge.

Smoke Detector

Add a SimpliSafe smoke detector and make your security system more broader and your home that much more safer.

SimpliSafe will actually verify your alarm is real before dispatching the police. This will help in false alarms and for a good reason, most police will charge the homeowner if to many false alarms occur.

Use your voice assistance like Alexa, Google Assistant and/or Seri to arm your security system through voice command.

The Brain

Base station is the brains behind the system with a built-in cell connection, that will quickly alert emergency dispatch center. Base Station comes with a loud siren and dual backup wi-fi and cell connection.

You are able to include a family member outside the home or friends to receive text alerts when the system alarm goes off. This is great for when the homeowner is out of the area.

Satisfaction Guarantee

SimpliSafe is so sure that you will absolutely love their system that they are backing it up with a 60 day, 100% satisfied or they will refund your money. Now that’s a “stand behind your product” guarantee.

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