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Smart Thermostat By Ecobee

Installing a Ecobee smart thermostat may be a small change, but the results are huge. Ecobee is powered by the latest technology in the smart thermostat arena with voice control. Alexa comes built-in so you have control of the temperature by voice commands. This adds an all-new dimension to having control of your smart home.

This Wi-Fi thermostat will give you comfort in your home, save you money when you’re away and the style looks fantastic.

Note: Save up to 23% annually on your cooling and heating costs.

With the SmartSensor, this sensor will detect both temperature and occupancy in rooms that the sensors are in and automatically adjust the temperature optimizing both savings and comfort.

Follow Mode

While in the follow me mode, your smart thermostat in conjunction with the occupancy sensors, will detect which rooms that are being used and adjust temperature accordingly for comfort in those rooms. The cool part is, over time this smart thermostat will learn your family’s living habits and automatically adjust the temperature for comfort and savings.

Smart Recovery

Ecobee has a recovery feature. When enabled, your smart thermostat uses your local weather information, occupancy habits, and an on going analysis of your HVAC system’s heating and cooling patterns so that it’s always the right temperature at the right time of day/night.

Thermal Protect

Thermal Protect feature will keep your home comfortable and prevent your system from excessive runtime. We all know that some rooms in our home runs hotter or cooler than others, with the sensors and thermal protect feature this will ignore the sensors when its readings diverge from those of your other sensors beyond a certain customization limit.

Your Home IQ

Home IQ reports will show you how much energy you have saved each month and gives you insightful information about your heating and cooling system. It will even alert you when your system needs servicing or maintenance.

Ecobee is a Energy Star Certified smart thermostat. Most energy companies offer rebates back when you show proof of purchase. Our local energy companies, Dominion Energy and Rocky Mountain Power, both offer a $50 rebate. Best way is to go to your energy company’s website and search for Smart Thermostat rebate or Echobee smart thermostat rebate. Chances are, they offer a rebate.

The family of Ecobee thermostats is a good economic choice to save on your energy bills.

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