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Time to Automate Your Yard Work

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

With the summer upon us, comes the task of taking care of the yard work. The chore of mowing the lawn can start out okay, but has the summer stretches on it becomes more and more of just that, a chore. Along with the mowing season also brings the irrigation season, that will require monitoring throughout the year has the summer gets hotter and grass and vegetation requires more watering.

With the new smart home technology, you can have most everything in your yard automated and you can be in complete control from the palm of your hand.

keeping your lawn manicured with the variety of robotic lawn mowers have become easier and easier. Robotic lawn mowers are not new and have been around for over 20 years, technology and battery life have improved dramatically.

Auto Mowers

Among the many brands of robotic mowers is Husqvarna auto mowers. They can keep your grass manicured automatically or at any time they can be controlled through your smartphone. You are able to command the mower to start, stop, park and also check cutting height settings. On board GPS will create a map of your yard in conjunction with the guide wire will that helps establish the parameters. You can ask assistance from Alexa or Google Home with the operation of the mower as well.

We mentioned Husqvarna mowers here, but there are several other brands and models currently on the market that will do the same task.

Smart Sprinklers

You can stay in contact and control of your yard’s irrigation system through smart control boxes. With the control of your sprinklers system through your smartphone will enable you to save time and money. With a downloadable app, you can adjust sprinklers stations run time, start time and more from anywhere in the world.

Majority of smart sprinkler controllers can be commanded through Alexa or Google. Most controllers are adjusted by monitoring local weather to keep water waste from happening and to prevent over watering of plants.

Outdoor Lighting

Let’s not forget that you can have your outdoor lights greet you when you arrive home. Bring your outdoor nights alive with smart lighting. With smart lighting you are able to adjust the ambiance to match the mood of the evening, whether it’s hosting a party or just enjoying a quite night.

Outdoor smart lighting just doesn’t stop with your landscaping and pathway lighting, but you can add lighting to your decking with recessed fixtures and use the popularity of light strips. If you are not at home you can make people think you are by controlling your light from your smartphone or turning on lights to welcome guests.

Add outdoor cameras to the mix and you are in complete control of your yard and with a bird’s eye view if needed.

Automating the outside of your home can be fun and may turn out to be a great hobby.

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