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Yale Smart Locks

Yale is one of the leaders and oldest international brands in the lock industry. With the craze of smart homes, it only made sense for them to be a large player in smart lock devices.

Yale smart locks features a black touchscreen embedded in a sleek and slender metal bezel. Dead bolts and latches are weather-tight construction, slender, low profile and the screen awakes when touched. The keyless design enhances security since there’s no cylinder that can be picked.

Yale has several models to choose from with dead bolts and latches that have touch key pad or push button. Yale has teamed up with a couple of well know apps like Nest and August. Each of these apps works a little different from each other and both may require a hub to connect the Yale lock to your mobile and your choice of voice assistance like Google, Siri and Alexa.

Next X Yale Lock Series

You will never have to worry about forgetting to lock the door again, with the Nest X Yale Lock you are able to program to lock within minutes after you use it. Great piece of mind knowing that the doors are always locked when going to bed. Everyone in your family can have their own code and you are able to track history of users and get alerts on your phone when the lock is activated.

If you don’t want the system to self-lock after each use there is another option to where the system will lock when you are away. This is track through your smart phone GPS.

Nest x Yale lock works with your Nest Secure Alarm system. You are able to program the system to disarm when the Yale smart lock is commanded to unlock.

Yale SL Series

This family of Yale smart locks uses August app and August Module. The module will bridge your smart lock to your smart phone or choice of voice assistance, like Alexa or Google Assistance. With the app in Auto Lock mode, the lock will unlock as you approach the door without using the keypad, you just have to have your phone on you. It’s a nice feature when your hands are full.

Users are able to control, monitor and share access to their locks anywhere with the August mobile app. With the app you are also able to give temporary access to someone or unlock the door for them without being there. This is great for hosting platforms like Airbnb and HomeAway. Locks can have up to 25 different codes that can be deleted or changed.

Yale is syncing up with top security systems like Ring Alarm and SimpliSafe. Now with the ability to communicate between Yale and your security system, you will enable to manage, monitor, and control access to your home through one central and secure mobile app. Using the Ring app, you will be able to Monitor who’s at your door and disarming your security system has never been easier to manage. Ring’s app will help the user check the lock’s battery and view recent activity.

If a concern of who is coming and going from your home through the front door, this has been simplified with the pairing of your security system and Yale lock. You will know the kids got home safe, or you can let a trusted professional in to your home without being there.

If you already have a Yale smart lock but don’t have the capability of connecting to an app, now you do. Yale offers an upgrade kit. This kit will come with August module, August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge and door sensor.

The con with Yale Smart Lock is picking the right lock that will best work for you and your favorite voice assistant and in conjunction with your smart devices. Before making a purchase, be sure to read what the lock was designed to work with, it may be just exclusive to a particular brand, for example the Nest X Yale is designed to work with Nest app.

Stay tuned, we are currently working on a cheat sheet that will help in the decision making for the Yale Smart Lock. You can request the guide here and we will send has soon has it is available.

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